Check out the videos for each of our September, 2020 General Election trainings for nonprofit, community-based & faith-based organizations that are looking for information, resources & partnership support to help everybody vote in their communities.

Session #1 – Tools, key dates & voter registration

Session #2 – Voting safe & recruiting poll workers

Session #3 – Lessons from the Primary & best practices for the General

Session #4 – Students, seniors & Get-Out-The-Vote

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2020 PARTICIPATE PENNSYLVANIA General Election Training Webinars
A non-partisan community training series to help make sure that in 2020 everybody votes! The 2020 Presidential Election & the COVID-19 pandemic make this the most challenging year for civic participation in generations. Nonprofit organizations and neighborhood activists will play a critical role.
The Participate Pennsylvania training webinar series is here to provide your organization and your community with the basics and best practices to make a real difference in the 2020 General Election.

Participate PA is designed to expand the voter participation infrastructure by educating nonprofit & community-based organizations who don’t normally do the work, but have natural opportunities to connect with voters and infrequent/non-voting residents. Participate PA will connect voter participation resources from across the state and nation with respected, local organizations from communities in every area of Pennsylvania.

Learn what every organization should be doing this year to effectively increase voter participation – especially among our hardest-to-reach neighbors. In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, when we can’t safely door knock, we’ll help train & mobilize the organizations on whose doors potential voters are knocking for support in this time of greatest need.

• WHEN: Four Wednesday events in September;
o Wednesday, September 9, 2020 @ Noon – 1.30pm – tools, key dates & Voter Reg. Day
o Wed., Sept. 16, 2020 @ Noon – 1.30pm – vote at home & recruiting poll workers
o Wed., Sept. 23, 2020 @ Noon – 1.30pm – best practices & lessons from the Primary
o Wed., Sept. 30, 2020 @ Noon – 1.30pm – students, seniors & Get-Out-The-Vote
• WHERE: Register here…
• WHO: Nonprofit & community-based organizations who want to help increase the vote, but
need to learn about the basics, best practices & the resources necessary to support their efforts
• HOW MUCH: Free of charge!
• SPONSORED BY: Keystone Progress Education Fund, The Forbes Funds, Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership, Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, The Nonprofit Partnership of Erie, National Urban League, Pittsburgh Black Elected Officials Coalition, Pittsburgh City Paper, Pennsylvania Capital-Star, Public News Service
Join our team of training experts from committed state & national partners that include:
• Nonprofit VOTE Supporting Trainings #1 & #4
• Pennsylvania Department of State Supporting Trainings #1, #2 & #3
• Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania’s PA Votes (Not Confirmed) Supporting Training #4
• Business for America Supporting Training #1
• Committee of 70 Supporting Trainings #2 & #3
• InspirePA Supporting Training #4
• Vote Riders (Not confirmed) Supporting Training #4
Community participation builds community power in 2020 and beyond – get on-line & learn how!